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This booklet is an entry in DURF Jam 2023.

What is the Acolyte?

The acolyte is a character archetype for DURF. They are a zealous fanatic devoted to a specific patron. This patron may be a deity, demon, or other powerful entity.

Each patron has a code of conduct that the acolyte is expected to follow when on an expedition. In return, the acolyte is rewarded with spells and supernatural powers.

How Do I Use This Booklet?

The basic rules for archetypes are outlined in the Character Archetypes supplement. This document also draws heavily from the revised magic rules in the Wizardry! supplement.


Cover image provided by oldbookillustrations.com. Patron icons provided by game-icons.net. DURF rules and art created by emielboven.itch.io.

Like the core DURF game, this product is published under a Creative Commons (CC-BY 4.0) license. Share and adapt its content for any purpose as long as you credit us.

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