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"This morning, I fell down a well. Turns out there’s a whole crazy dungeon down here!"

Thumbledore's Tiny Dungeons is a monthly zine that follows the adventures of a tiny wizard as he explores a big dungeon. In this issue, Thumbledore falls into many, many pit traps. That's it.

Each issue documents an individual room of the Bottomwell, a vast subterranean temple, and the various monsters, treasures, and traps that lie inside. As the year progresses, place the centrefolds of each issue side-by-side to create an entire dungeon map!

Never folded a zine before? Check out Taylor Rushing's guide.

Maps were built using Dungeon Scrawl. Graphics were made using paint.net and Vectorization.org. Layouts were done in Figma.


TTDBW Zine - 7 of 12 - Fold.pdf 3 MB
TTDBW Zine - 7 of 12 - Flat.pdf 3 MB

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